Commencement on Site at Pobl Group's Prestigious Loftus Garden Village Development.

Located on a former 16-acre industrial site, the Pobl Group’s Loftus Garden Village development will consist of 250 homes, with 60% of the whole site being made up of landscaped green spaces, including 100 trees being planted providing clean air.


Hale are excited to have broken ground on site with phase 2 of the development, delivering 54 residential properties consisting of two and three bedroom houses and apartments. Properties have been designed to ensure all homes have southerly facing roofs, allowing the integration of solar PV, and being strategically spaced to prevent over-shadowing.


Matthew Hall, Hale’s Contracts Manager on this project said, “We are very pleased to have made a start on the ground preparation works at Loftus Gardens for our valued client, Pobl Group. This work will last around 12 weeks and will see all contaminants and obstructions removed from the ground in readiness for construction to start early 2024. We are very excited to start the next phase of homes to this existing development and look forward to another successful project delivered to Pobl “.